Soirée à Paris

Two days in Paris and I had not yet taken my camera out. I had been lugging it around alright, but was so awestruck that I was not sure if I should soak in the city in or take pictures. I chose the former.

Then, this evening, while returning from the Seine cruise, at about 9:30 PM. I caught the glow of the setting sun in the window. I knew it was time.



When I reached the deck — I had been sitting warm and comfortable inside — I noticed that the sky on the other side had turned golden with streaks of orange, red, violet, and silver. 


The wind was fierce and chilly and it was already drizzling. In no time the drizzle turned into a downpour and even as I stood there soaking and shivering, I tried to capture the evening in my camera forever.


The sun was setting fast, the boat was moving faster, there was no change lenses or settings, and my poor camera could hardly keep up in the rain and the speed. But I think I can live with what I got.

DSC_0311 (1)

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