Flânerie: The Art of People-Watching in Paris

While people from world over go to see Paris, Paris enjoys seeing people.


People watching is serious business for Parisians. Whether it is sitting by the Seine watching the boats cruise by — and waving at the tourists occasionally, or sipping espresso from tiny mugs while smoking cigarette after cigarette — and smiling at the passerby, or just lazing in the umpteen parks of the city — looking the tourists go gaga over their city, you will always see the Parisians relaxed and smiling, watching the world go by.


I thought, why not reverse the roles a bit and watch Paris go by? And so, in the little time I spent in Paris, I dedicated most time indulging in Flânerie.




This boy, playing the accordion, on the bridge connecting the Notre Dame to the Latin Quarters, gave me the cutest smile on seeing me take his picture. And went back to playing his organ.




On the crossroads of the Latin and French Paris, I found this bike placed serendipitously. The bike, the biker and the background made for a perfect setting.




In Paris, even the babies are stylish, as seen in this picture. You will not find a single person dressed shabbily or casually. Not even the toddler in a pram.




Found the two sitting in front of the iconic Shakespeare and Company. Notice the contrast between the two and yet they are similar in so many ways. One of my favourite pictures from the city.



Grand buildings, quaint balconies, large french windows, and people peeping out of them. The classic Paris shot, taken from the top of the touristy bus in the middle of the town.


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