Disneyland: A Place Where Dreams Come True

While the classic Paris is something we all know — and dream — about, there is another, more fun part of Paris that often gets neglected. This part, a few miles off the main city, is as dreamy, as beautiful, and as classic — in its own way. And it is called Disneyland.

A place where all dreams come alive, a land where all wishes come true. A tiny hamlet that is large on love, laughter and lots of fun. 


Remy’s corner — where scenes from Ratatouille come alive, you can even find Remy running around somewhere, looking for his secret recipe.


Woody lends an ear, and sometimes a hug, to his lookalikes who queue up for hours to see him.

When Woody is around, how can Buzz be far?




The mouse who started it all, welcoming us into his green room

Along with his staff.

When you are done with mouse business, some tea is a good idea; so what if the cups contain no tea but little people.

A train ride never hurt anyone, especially the one that flies and drops, crawls and runs.

If trains are not your style, how about a horse drawn carriage?

Donald greets us as you get off the carriage & walk towards the castle..

Can there be a fairy tale without a castle?

And an evil fairy? (I love her)

Gepetto’s shop is shut, perhaps he’s gone looking for Pinocchio

Did he check in Frontier land?

Cheshire cat must know where he is, shouldn’t she?

Or maybe Rapunzel?


Do you think he maybe in the Pizzeria?


Oh! There he is. In the Parade..along with many more of his Disney friends.. Want to see them all? Watch this space.




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