On Playing Mother.

My mother never dressed up. She did not believe in makeup or vanity, or even being overtly conscious about one’s appearance. And that’s always been her style — hair a little out of place, sari always without a pin, dupatta mopping the floor, bindi always crooked. I never had a problem with it, in fact in many ways I have grown up to be like that. .
But there was one occasion on which my mother always dressed up and dressed well. When she’d do her hair – always in a bun, put a lipstick – always burgundy, wear sandals – occasionally with heels, and carry a wallet – only hand made by herself. And that day I’d fall in love with her. Also because this happened only and only when she came to our school – for PTM, or annual functions, or sports days. It made me feel so special and proud of her. She was (still is) so beautiful! .
In time school got over, and mother never came to my college or office (even though he went to husband’s). .
In the last few years as a mother myself, I have had many reasons to go to the girls school. I however never bothered to dress up. These are different times I thought, the kids prefer their mothers in jeans rather than saris. Teachers do not make an impression about the child basis what the mother wears, and, most importantly, I am lazy. .
Today, for no specific reason, I wore a sari for the girls’ annual day. While walking out of the door I happened to look at myself and I saw my mother looking back, although about twenty kilos heavier. ☺️ *

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