People of Delhi

Delhi is often seen as the city of rich and powerful. It is known for its ill-mannered people and their brashness; their new money and their ‘show off culture’. (In)famous for  rudeness and in-your-face attitudes, known for hostility and competitiveness.

But is that all that the people of Delhi are about? What about the invisible men who run the city —  the engines that pumps oil into the machinery, the wheels that run the vehicle.

While we do rant and rave about the who’s who, why not spare a minute to look at those who are nothing.


Ram Laddo, a fried dumpling of lentils served with green chutney and grated radish,  and Shakarkandi ki chaat, a mish mash of roasted sweet potatoes, serve as a cheap quick and nutritious snack for the men on the go — also bring employment to many.


They say feeding bananas to Monkeys bring good luck to you. What they do not reveal is that it runs this man’s house too.


Just another man, contemplating his choices in life.
Feeding lovers and friends, young and old, families and couples, in the same place everyday.
The Dog is fed too — free of cost. The humans however have to pay a small price for Mong Dal Chaat, a mixture of lentils, chopped vegetables, and lime.


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