मैं और मेरी अदरक की कॉफ़ी अक्सर ये बातें करते हैं …

My adrak ki coffee, ginger coffee, was born on a chilly morning in Bangalore. This was when I had no idea that June mornings can be chilly, or that coffee tastes best with ginger. It was also before I had discovered the joy of Bru and was still a Nescafe loyalist.

As it turned out my friend, who I was staying with, had no coffee at home. So we spent the evening looking for a packet of Nescafe in the humble neighbourhood of R.T. Nagara. But in the obscure lanes with hole in the wall size kirana shops, no one seemed to have Nescafe. The only coffee we found was Bru. I could have settled for it, after all it was only for a day, but fussy that I am, I only wanted my Nescafe. I remember going to every possible shop, only to eventually give in reluctantly to a 10 rupee pack of Bru.

The next morning I was paralyzed by the chill: the sudden transition from 46 degrees to less than 20 degrees was hard. I wanted my coffee quickly. And so, like I do at home, I stole some chai ka pani from the friends pan (before she added tea to it). Little did I know that it had been simmering with ginger.

The first sip of coffee felt strange. Bitter and strong. The second warmed me from within, and by the third, I was enjoying the potent concoction. What the concoction contained I still did not know. To me it was Bru. It was only when my friend asked why was I having coffee with ginger, did I know the secret. And so, even today, 8 years later, I have my coffee in adrak ka pani. And yes, only Bru. Although I have migrated to Bru Gold now. Why such a long story? Well, because there is nothing in the recipe. It’s just normal water and milk, simmered with pounded ginger for a few minutes, and added to a heaped spoon of Coffee. Preferably Bru.

Note: Best had in nippy mornings with cool breeze rustling your hair, and the chill giving you goosebumps.


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