Karnataka Food Center: Much ado about nothing.

So this morning I excitedly posted some pictures of my breakfast, something I usually not do until after I have eaten it. There were two reasons for that. One: I had been planning to go to the place — a stare run canteen — for more than two years now. Two: I was excited to see my favorite menu from Bangalore available in Delhi. Then there well kannada speaking staff and #nandhanipeda and #mysorepak too. The food looked good too.

But this city often teaches you one thing — looks do not always determine the value of something. The good looking food in a soulful place turned out to be a damp squib. There was no taste or flavor. The sambar was lukewarm, the dosa lacked crunch. The #kesaribaath had no ghee or sugar, the #upma lacked any taste. Chutney, dosa was sad too. The only thing that was worth the while was coffee. Not outstanding but filter coffee nonetheless.

While the State Canteens in Delhi are often considered the epitome of local cuisine, it is only when you check them out that you know most of it is only noise. Especially in this #instagram and #facebook era where all people look at is face value. So, while #andhrabhavan #goasadan and #chattisgarhbhavan have their charm, this left me unhappy and dissatisfied.

P.S. Maybe I am over reacting. It’s just a plate of food after all. But then only when you have eaten the #bangalorefood would you know why my heart broke this morning.

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