If you love yourself, cook for yourself.

When was the last time.you made something only for yourself? Not for your children or your husband, you parents or your wife, or even for Instagram or Facebook? .
I used to always love cooking for myself. My brothers – a whole lot of them – and sister were my benefactors. Also my guinea pigs. They bore everything I made – from poha and upma to noodles and pizzas – and have many harrowing tales to tell. (Thankless fatso’s, I tell you!) But did I care? No..I carried on unperturbed, cooking what I like and how I liked it. If course there was the mother and the aunt’s to fix things that went horribly wrong (that story some other time). This continued till I married and cooking became a chore. .
Eventually kids were had, friends were made, husband was to be fed. And cooking for myself became an added task that could easily be done away with. Plus the brothers and sister grew up and thought I was the worst cook..🙄.
Off late though, once in a while, I have started making things I like. In the beginning it was hard to even remember what I liked, so I started eliminating what I did not like bit ate none the less. Then I started focussing on things that I used to love but no longer made – it was just so inconvenient, you see. .
This morning after sending kids to school, despite the urge to eat the leftover tiffin as breakfast, I made myself bathua parathas, served some achaar (also made only for myself and shared with the brother who still values it) and some malai. And it was the most perfect meal I had had in many days. .

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