A Peek Into The World of Curries.

I have a confession to make — I do not watch TV. No, I am serious — I actually do not. No, Amazon, no Netflix, no Tata Sky. Here’s the thing, find TV a huge waste of time — imagine what all you can do in 2 hrs every day instead of wasting them in front of the box, and you’d know what I mean. There is a small exception though — I love food shows. Not the ones that tell me how to cook, but the ones that tell me about what I cook and what I eat.

So when I got the opportunity to preview Living Foodz latest show made by Ruchi Shrivastava and her team, I was delighted. Imagine learning about something India is recognised the world over.

Even though curry is probably the most abused word in the world and everyone has a special version of it, tracing its origin is not something we bother with much. We make our versions of it, love our versions of it, and celebrate our versions of it. Sometimes we also badmouth others curry — especially what the west has done to it.

But what if you get an opportunity to look back and relive the journey of the curry and then look at the kinds of curries we make, celebrate, and love?

That is what #CurriesofIndia on Living Foodz with Chef Kunal Kapur Chef aims at doing. The team has travelled around the country, met historians, Chefs, Home Chefs to understand the story behind our Curries — and has cooked it the way they were first cooked.

The show premiers tomorrow at 8:30 PM on Living Foodz, I am going to catch it. You do it too.



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