#metoo, even though I wish I could say #notme

#Metoo So what if not in workplace. Every woman I know has a #metoo. It ought to stop. Now.

That Girl In Muddy Boots

I have been thinking long and hard. I have read through every #metoo post that has appeared on my timeline in the last few days. I have felt the pain in each of them, I have understood the anger behind every story, and, needless to say, I see myself or someone I know in all of them. Even though I always knew molestation, harassment, and sexual abuse is rampant, these stories have filled me with a deep sense of helplessness. Or should I say fatigue?

Fatigue of fighting all the time. Fatigue of watching my back every second of the day. Fatigue of looking at every man with suspicion. Fatigue of checking on the eye and hand movements of every friend and relative who is close to me, my sister, my daughter, my niece, my friend, my cousin…

I was never taught to stay quiet about the wrong that was…

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One Reply to “#metoo, even though I wish I could say #notme”

  1. sad to know that many people faced the trauma and some where other they are still facing… hoping for #theend .. as this is navartri praying durga ma to kill the evil people…


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