Soireé de Luxe: For those who like the good life.

Friday nights in the capital are usually made of loud parties and deafening music. It often entails pub hopping and rubbing shoulders with people you have never met before or will never meet again. At best, they may entail a quiet dinner, at worst, you may be stuck with drunk men. And so, Friday nights for us have been spent at home for years — watching a movie, reading a book, even sleeping early.

But Friday nights, in Delhi, are all set to change — or actually have. 


Cognac, cigars, chocolates; sweet nibbles, chic cocktails, and live music. Soirée de Luxe, the latest post dinner experience at The Taj Palace ensure people have a place to unwind after a long week —  without blaring music and blinding lights. The experience that was unveiled in The Tea Lounge lawns of Taj Palace on 15th of February, takes evenings in the city — Friday or not — a notch higher.


Cocktails like The Scent of a woman, made with Hennessy, home made lemongrass tea, sandalwood infused whiskey, Cointreau and lavender rimmed glass with a rose, and whipped cream on top. A side of canapes, chocolates and cigars and live music to suit your taste, the experience could be conceived only by the the one and only Taj Palace, New Delhi. 


Soirée de Luxe, an extraordinary after dinner experience at The Tea Lounge, Taj Palace is all things luxury and style, just as you’d expect anything at The Taj to be.

What a pleasure it was to be a part of the opening.

Pictures courtesy: Taj Palace.

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