Spanish Festival, Seville

Candle in my bread, soup in my roll, sunset in my dessert and mushroom in my cappuccino — that is what happens been you eat at Seville, one if the most enchanting places in the capital.


Spanish gazebos, quaint canopies and brilliant flavours have always marked Seville, at The Claridges but the place is even more special with Chef Jordi Guillem doing special dinners until the end of this month. Known for his home-style cooking the chef, who comes from a family of restaurateurs, whipped us a beautiful meal for us at a special evening.

It started with an edible candle made with olive oil and sourdough bread, accompanied by a beautiful sauce of peppers, herbs and spices. The rolls came filled with fresh tomato sauce and the Stewed Gigot Lamb with spices and potato went beautifully with home made focaccia. Puree of roots with a foam, ever so subtle pumpkin risotto, lamb chops and pil-pil cod were fresh and flavourful with ingredients shining through. The star of the show was the sunset dessert made with mango and raspberry mousse, blue curacao, and shortbread crumbs – an ode to the chef’s hometown.

The Spanish Campo Viejo wine was exquisite, lite, with just the right amount of body and freshness. One of the best I have tasted. What set the meal apart was the freshness of the produce – a lot of which has come with the chef – and simplicity of flavours. That is perhaps what makes chef Jodi such a sought after Spanish chef.



If you are looking at a nice meal to enjoy the nippy evenings Seville is where you should be. Abhishek the sommelier will win you over with his genuine warmth, Chef Rana will ensure you are stuffed and chef Bobby and Jordi will feed you best Spanish food you could find in the capital.

And yes, have an extra glass of white Viejo for me.


The Special chef’s menu at Seville, The Claridges is available from 15th until 31st March for dinners. It will help to book in advance.


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