When The Writer Became The Subject

A small interview that featured yours truly as one of the  prominent voices in food world. From writing about people in food to be written about — it has been a fun ride. Thank you @apbcookstudio

Today we look to Anubhuti Krishna for inspiration! Anubhuti is wanderer. When she is not traveling, she is writing about travel and food! A Delhi-based trainer and training consultant, and a freelance features writer, her stories have been published in the The Hindu, The Week, The Huffington Post, Conde Nast Traveler and many more!

APB: Who inspired your love for food?

Anubhuti (A): My family. I grew up listening about food, learning about food, thinking about food, and cooking food. Thankfully I met a man who loves food as much, if not more than us, and then made friends who live and die for good food.

APB: What draws you the most to a compelling food story, and makes you believe this is worth writing about?

A: Passion, honesty and love for food. Without these the stories have no soul. Sometimes the passion, honesty and love could be mine, sometimes it will be other’s but all my stories will have these three things common.

APB: What is your ultimate food dream / goal?

A: I do not dream much. Having said that, I look forward to the day when we will treat food with respect and love and not as a commodity. Also, food wastage and sustainability is something very very close to my heart and I would like to see a day where each one of us is conscious of where our food comes from and where it goes.

APB: If you could inspire one person in your life to cook more, who would it be?

A: Everyone around me can cook and does! There is not one friend or family member who cannot feed himself or others. But since my children are too young now, I would like make sure they not only cook as they grow up but also cook with love and passion, understand their roots and value their culinary heritage.

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