Megu: Delhi’s finest Japanese Food

Have you ever seen fresh horseradish paste being made? I hadn’t either until I met Ishwar, the smiling young man at Megu who did it in front of me. Brought in from Japan, ground fresh on a piece of shark skin (also from japan), the fresh horseradish turned out to be much milder and more refreshing than what we are used to.



The meal, for which my generous host Amrita had invited me, was as refreshing too. Light yet flavourful, exotic yet familiar, not too much and yet enough, the entire meal was planned by the new Head Chef Shimomura Kazuya with no inputs from me whatsoever. It turned out to be perfect for the hot day. .

To ensure I got my vegetables, chef had used a balance of vegetables and meat – something I really appreciate as a diner.



Bacon, Temarisushi Bell Pepper, Crispy Asparagus and Seabass Egg kenchinyaki set the mood for the lovely tempura. The sushi rolls, specially made with cooked fish for me were outstanding and fulfilling, and the yozu soup with tofu, salmon and spinach was balmy. By the time I reached the main – grilled chicken with plum sauce – I could eat no more. (And also forgot to take pictures of).

Before we left, Ishwar insisted I pour some water over the Buddha for good luck and healing – given I need both, I poured it many times over. The classic case of golden eggs you day? Well.

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