Treasures of The Orient — in Delhi.

Those who know the culinary landscape of Delhi know how significant Oriental Food is to Delhi. And those who know how important Oriental cuisine is here, cannot not know about the legendary restaurants that have always been around giving the city an edge over all other.

The House of Ming, Thai Pavilion, Spicy Duck three such iconic names in Delhi. Each of them an icon in its own right, each having its dedicated clientele, each catering to Delhi’s insatiable need for Asian food. The three of them are also far apart from each other. With growing distances, increasing traffic, and never ending commitments, reaching a place where you may truly want to eat is becoming harder by the day. And so, the good people at Taj Hotels have come with an interesting concept.

Until 21st of July the restaurants, along with their kitchens are traveling to another hotels to bring you the food closer to you. Spicy Duck has come to Vivanta Dwarka from Taj Palace. Thai Pavilion is come to Taj Palace from Gurgaon and The House of Ming is now at Taj Gurgaon. Food, chefs, even service even staff has moved to ensure the experience is authentic until the end.

The lunch at Indus Express from Spicy Duck made by chef Valte was one such delight. Not having to go far away was an added bonus. I have already booked my dinners at Taj Palace — Thai Pavillion travels there & Taj Gurgaon — with The House of Ming.

What do I even say about the food other than it is what the best Oriental is made of — finest raw material with just a touch of a deft hand. Dimsums falling off the chopsticks, stir fries fresh and flavourful, and mains fulfilling and gratifying.

If you’re looking for Sunday lunch – or dinner – I strongly suggest you hop over to the closest Taj this week. I promise you will come back and thank me. 🙂

Meanwhile a look at what I ate:

Ginger Prawn: the most subtle and succulent prawns I have eaten in a long time.

Tofu in Chilli Paste: Not half as spicy as it looks. Silken Tofu at it’s best.

Fish in Hot Bean Sauce: That turned a non fish eaten into a hogger.

My second most favorite: mushrooms and beans. The most subtle thing I’ve eaten in a while.

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