Locked Down — inside my head and inside my house. But at least I have a house.

It has been a crazy few days, what with covid and corona being the only words flying around, the world being locked down and us being thrown in the middle of this crazy current.

We were supposed to start a new life this week. With all of previous years commitment fulfilled we were to move to a new place and to a new life. The move has been in the pipeline for a while — more like an idea brewing in your brain long before you start putting it down on paper. The brewing had finally given way to a thick concoction of over  the past three months as we prepared for the change. One kid’s school was done, the other’s we were hoping would be soon. The house, after much anxiety and worry, was fixed too. It was everything we wanted in a place though a bit steep for us we had decided to take this. And then corona came visiting.

Of course my inconvenience is nothing compared to those who have nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep and no home to go to. Only yesterday I saw visuals from the far end of my city where the poor and jobless have queued up to get to their home. The future to them is bleak, they do not know when will they get a bus or if they will reach home. They do not know if they will have food to eat or a place to rest. They even do not know if their own villages will take them in — only last week some people who had returned to their villages were beaten up because they had a slight cough.

We seem to have lost all humanity as a nation. We have become animals and our world a jungle. Only those who are fit can survive.

But I digress.

Personally it is a period of much anxiety to me. As someone who is always anxious and at the brink of a breakdown, I am particularly on the edge. As I guess are others too. And I wonder if the world, nor battling some form of anxiety or another would understand what we with chronic anxiety go through. I expect a lot of writing to change in this time too. I can no longer write about food or travel (how do I when everyone is stuck) and my poem and prose writing skills are dead (at least for the time being). To push myself to write something — anything — I have joined some writing groups. In the best case, I will end up writing something, however worthless, in the worst scenario, I will get better at my keyboard skills. Nothing to lose there.

So, dear reader, if you see some absurd, abstract stuff here, please bear with me, as we all must with each other in these hard times. Here is hoping we do not becomes animals in the jungle of life and remain human with immense love, compassion, empathy, and of nothing else some tolerance for the ones around.



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